瑞穂町図書館/温故知新 ― 瑞穂町を旅する地域資料


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昭和15年(1940) 11箱根ヶ崎村、石畑村、殿ヶ谷村、長岡村を廃して町制
Mizuho Town was established under the grant of township by abolishing Hakonegasaki Village, Ishihata Village, Tonogaya Village and Nagaoka Village.
Musashino Jinjo Senior Elementary School was redesignated as the Mizuho First National Elementary School, and Nagaoka Jinjo/Normal Elementary School became the Mizuho No.2 National Elementary School.
18年(1943)2石畑診療所を町立診療所に移管Ishihata Clinic was transferred to the Municipal Clinic.
19年(1944)4瑞穂町農業会設立Mizuho Agricultural Association was founded.
11戦時託児所開設Wartime child nursery opened.
昭和20年(1945)9占領軍、飛行場を接収し、横田基地となるThe occupation forces requisitioned the airfield, which became Yokota Air Base.
21年(1946)10農地委員会、選挙管理委員会設置Setting up of the farmland committee and an election administration commission.
The First and Second Mizuho National Elementary Schools were renamed as The First and Second Mizuho Elementary Schools.
5瑞穂中学校設置、5月5日開校Mizuho Junior High School was founded, opening on May 5.
5初の町長、町会議員の公選執行されるThe public election for the office of mayor and the town council members was held for the first time.
11警防団を廃し、消防団となるA Shobodan (volunteer firefighting unit) was formed by abolishing the Keibodan (civil defense volunteer unit).
23年(1948)5瑞穂中学校独立校舎落成Mizuho Junior High School's independent building was completed.
24年(1949)1瑞穂中学校に都立農林高等学校瑞穂分校開校Tokyo Metropolitan Agriculture and Forestry High School's Mizuho branch school opened within Mizuho Junior High School.
9瑞穂町公民館落成Mizuho Community Center was completed.
26年(1951)3六道山、狭山池を都立自然公園に指定Mt. Rokudo and Sayama Pond were designated as the Tokyo Metropolitan Sayama Nature Park.
27年(1952)2狭山火葬場組合設立Sayama Crematorium Association was established.
11瑞穂町教育委員会発足Mizuho Board of Education was inaugurated.
29年(1954)4埼玉県元狭山村より合併申し入れ、8月受諾の回答A merger was proposed by MotoSayama village of Saitama Prefecture, which Mizuho accepted in August.
昭和31年(1956)7横田基地拡張用地提供調印Signing for the release of land for the Yokota Air Base expansion.
Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly voting approval for the merger of Mizuho and Motosayama.
32年(1957)1第一小学校給食開始The First Elementary School began providing school lunch.
5慰霊塔除幕式Ceremony to unveil a war memorial tower.
33年(1958)3瑞穂中学校校舎移転Mizuho Junior High School relocated.
10埼玉県元狭山村との合併Merger with Motosaitama Village, Saitama Prefecture.
34年(1959)4福生伝染病組合への加入Mizuho entered into the association linked to the Fussa Infectious Deseases Hospital.
6第二小学校給食開始The Second Elementary School started providing a school lunch.
12青年研修所落成Youth Training Center completed.
35年(1960)2都営住宅建設開始Construction of metropolitan housing begun.
36年(1961)1瑞穂町役場庁舎落成Mizuho Town office building completed.
37年(1962)6みどりのおばさん学童の交通指導開始Road Crossing Women Warden system for schoolchildren started.
38年(1963)3有線放送電話業務開始Cable broadcasting telephone business started.
6上水道給水開始Municipal water-works system commenced.
39年(1964)4学校給食センター設置School lunch service center was installed.
9清掃業開始 Cleaning Project begun.
昭和40年(1965)4都立瑞穂農芸高校創立Tokyo Metropolitan Mizuho Nogei (Agriculture) Senior High School was founded.
4町章制定Town's emblem was introduced.
41年(1966)4社会福祉協議会設立Council of Social Welfare was established.
42年(1967)4第一小学校分校開校するThe First Elementary School branch opened.
43年(1968)4第一小学校分校が瑞穂第四小学校として独立The First Elementary School branch became independent, to be known as Mizuho Fourth Elementary School.
11町民会館完成The Town Hall was completed.
12狭山遺跡発掘調査Excavation of Sayama prehistoric site.
44年(1969)3瑞穂中学校講堂完成Mizuho Junior High School auditorium was completed.
45年(1970)4ごみ、し尿処理手数料、火葬料無料化実施Collection of fees for garbage and human waste processing was introduced, and the cremation fee was abolished with this service now free of charge.
4水道管理事務所完成The water system management office building was completed.
11町制30周年記念式典The 30th anniversary ceremony for the township establishment was held.
12市街化区域、市街化調整区域決定するUrbanization-promoted areas and urbanization-controlled areas were designated.
46年(1971)4石畑保育園開園Ishihata Nursery opened.
4羽村、瑞穂学校給食組合設立Hamura and Mizuho School Lunch Service Association was founded.
4元狭山会館開館Motosayama Hall opened.
7新青梅街道国道16号まで開通New Ome-Kaido Road opened to reach National Route 16.
47年(1972)3狭山谷公園プール完成Sayama Valley Park Pool was completed.
3福生消防署瑞穂出張所業務開始Fussa Fire Department Mizuho branch started operation.
6福祉会館開館Welfare Center opened.
48年(1973)3町指定文化財発表The town-designated cultural properties were announced.
4むさしの保育園開園Musashino Nursery Opened.
4第四小学校学童クラブ開所The Fourth Elementary School After-School Child Care Club opened.
4産業会館・長岡会館開館Industrial Center and Nagaoka Hall opened.
6有線放送電話自動化Cable broadcasting telephone system was automated.
6世界連邦平和都市宣言を議決The town council endorsed the World Federalist Movement's Peace City Declaration.
8図書館開館Mizuho Town Library opened.
122万人の町民誕生The 20,000th inhabitant was born.
49年(1974)2公共下水道事業計画決定Public sewer project plan was drawn up.
3農業振興地域の指定を受けるThe town was designated as an area for the promotion of agriculture.
4殿ケ谷会館開館Tonogaya Hall opened.
6上水道事業、都営一元化に成るThe water supply systems became centralized under the management of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
8西部土地区画整備事業計画決定The Western District Land Readjustment Project plan was drawn up.
8瑞穂町歌・音頭を制定The Mizuho Town Song and the Dance Song were introduced.
9保健センター開館 The Health Center opened.
昭和50年(1975)7中央体育館開館Central Gymnasium was completed.
51年(1976)4瑞穂第二中学校開校Mizuho Second Junior High School was inaugurated.
4ごみ投棄差し止め仮処分申請書提出Application was filed for the provisional disposition on the waste dumping injunction.
4箱根ケ崎南会館開館Hakonegasaki South Hall opened.
10廃棄処分地全面解決Waste Disposal Sites dispute was fully resolved.
12ごみ分別収集モデル地区設定A model area was established for presorted-garbage collection.
52年(1977)4新青梅街道立体交差が開通A crossing with an overpass for the New Ome Kaido Road was opened.
5クリーンみずほ作戦、全町にてごみ分別収集開始As part of the Clean Mizuho Campaign, the presorted-garbage collection was started across the whole town.
5石畑会館・箱根ケ崎中央会館開館Ishihata Hall and Hakonegasaki Central Hall opened.
11郷土資料館開館Museum of Local History and Culture Opened.
53年(1978)1町の花・木・鳥決定The town's symbol flowers, trees, and bird were designated.
3瑞穂町まちづくり総合計画(基本構想)議決The Mizuho Town's basic town development plan was voted in.
4第五小学校開校The Fifth Elementary School opened.
4むさしの子供の家開館Musashino Children's House was inaugurated.
5むさしの会館開館Musashino Hall opened.
5クリーンみずほセンター開所 Clean Mizuho Center opened.
54年(1979)3町営グランド・テニスコート完成Municipal Sports Ground's Tennis Court was completed.
6瑞穂武道館開館Mizuho Budokan (Martial Arts) Hall opened.
8公共下水道一部地域で使用開始Public sewerage system started operation in some areas.
55年(1980)4箱根ケ崎北会館開館Hakonegasaki North Hall opened.
56年(1981)2リサイクルシステム全国研究集会開催Nationwide study meeting held to look at a recycling system.
4町営グランドナイター施設オープンMunicipal Sports Ground night game facility opened.
6狭山火葬場組合斎場開所Sayama Crematorium Association opened a funeral hall.
8農畜産物直売所開所Venue opened for the direct sale of agricultural and livestock produce.
8長岡南会館開館Nagaoka South Hall opened.
57年(1982)3瑞穂町総合土地利用基本計画調査報告書完成A report was completed on an investigation into the basic plan for Mizuho Town’s comprehensive land use.
58年(1983)3公共下水道駒形ポンプ場完成Komagata public sewer pump station was completed.
4第一小学校学童保育クラブ開所The First Elementary School After-School Child Care Club opened.
4福祉作業所開所Welfare workshop opened.
4防災行政無線移動系開局Mobile emergency broadcast system launched.
4新庁舎開庁A new town office building opened.
5六道山公園「文化の森」開園Forest of culture," Mt. Rokudo Park opened.
9狭山池公園整備工事着手Sayama Pond Park construction was launched.
59年 (1984) 8窓口事務にコンピュータ導入 The computer system was introduced for the over-the-counter service.
10瑞穂町高齢者事業団発足Mizuho Aged Welfare Agency launched.
昭和60年 (1985)4防災行政無線固定系開局Emergency broadcast system began operation.
5町おこし運動実施Town revitalization movement was carried out.
6瑞穂町行政改革審議会設置Mizuho Administrative Reform Council was established.
61年(1986)3瑞穂町行政改革大綱を策定Mizuho administrative reform outline was drawn up.
3都市計画道路2・3・2号御伊勢山通り線新青梅街道まで開通The Ise-dori route of the City Planning Road No. 2.3.2 connected to New Ome Kaido Road.
4狭山池公園開園Sayama Pond Park opened.
4第三小学校学童保育クラブ開所The Third Elementary School After-School Child Care Club opened.
4箱根ケ崎西会館開館Hakonegasaki West Hall opened.
7図書館にコンピュータ導入The library’s computer system was introduced.
11農畜産物直売所移設Farmers' market was relocated.
62年(1987) 3瑞穂町行政改革審議会答申Mizuho Town Administrative Reform Council report.
4駒形公園開園Komagata Park opened.
6残堀川改修事業が事業認可Zambori River improvement works were authorized.
9瑞穂町交通安全の町宣言議決 Mizuho's declaration for town traffic safety was voted in.
11御伊勢山運動公園着手Construction of Mt. O-Ise Sports Park started.
63年(1988)2殿ケ谷会館に図書室開設A library opened in Tonogaya Hall.
3福生伝染病組合廃止The Infectious Diseases Association linked to Fussa Hospital. was dissolved.
3アメニティトイレ完成(町営グランド)Full-amenity restroom was completed (Municipal Sports Ground).
4第二小学校学童保育クラブ開所The Second Elementary School After-School Child Care Club opened.
The widening of 4.25 km of tbe Route 16 (Kumagawa, Fussa City to Ishihata, Mizuho Town) was completed and opened.
6地籍調査課にコンピュータ(数値地籍管理システム)導入A computer system (numerical cadastral management system) was introduced to the Cadastral Survey Department.
9八高線運行本数増発Services increased in the Hakko Line.
平成元年(1989)1交通公園完成Traffic playground was completed.
3立川バス箱根ケ崎駅から羽村駅東口(長岡経由)誕生Tachikawa bus service started between Hakonegasaki Station and Hamura Station east exit (via Nagaoka).
3国道16号瑞穂バイパス(石畑~青梅街道)1・8㎞開通Mizuho bypass (1.8 km between Ishihata and Ome Kaido Rd.) of Route 16 was opened.
4狭山火葬場組合が瑞穂斎場組合に改称Sayama Crematorium Association was renamed to Mizuho Funeral Parlour Association.
4土曜閉庁実施Town office closes on Saturdays.
53万人目の町民誕生Birth of the 30,000 th inhabitant.
8消防団第4分団車庫・詰所が移転The fire brigade garage and station of the No. 4 fire volunteer unit was relocated.
10全国瑞穂町交流会設立National friendship exchange meeting of Mizuho Towns was inaugurated.
2年(1990) 3ふるさと創生事業決まるHometown Creation business was decided.
3アメニティトイレ(狭山谷公園、松原中央公園)完成Full-amenity restroom was completed (Sayama Valley Park, Matsubara Central Park)
5二本木公園開園Nihongi Park opened.
7御伊勢山運動公園(仮称)の名称決まるThe tentative name of Mt. O-Ise Sports Park was decided.
9瑞穂ビューパーク・スカイホール完成Mizuho View Park and Sky Hall were completed.
11町制施行50周年記念式典The 50th anniversary commemorative ceremony on the Mizuho town establishment was held.
11モニュメント「天空」除幕式Unveiling ceremony of the monument "Tenku.
12「ゆとり宣言」議決Declaration of Comfortable Lives" was resolved.
3年(1991) 350周年記念記録映画(おおたかの棲むまち)完成The 50th anniversary documentary movie "A Town where the Goshawk lives" was completed.
3瑞穂町長期総合計画(基本構想)議決Mizuho town council decided upon its long-term comprehensive plan (basic plan).
6都市計画道路3・5・17号線(消防署~旧日光街道)完成The city planning road, 3.5.17 line (from the fire station to old Nikko Kaido Road ) was completed.
6残堀川下砂橋完成Shimosuna Bridge over Zanbori River was completed.
7石畑給水所完成Ishihata water supply station was completed.
7元狭山ふるさと思い出館開館Motosayama Furusato Omoide (Hometown Remembrance) Hall opened.
12「暴力団排除に関する宣言」議決A statement on "The Exclusion of Organized Criminal Gangs" was resolved.
4年(1992) 4町営第2グランド・第2庭球場完成Municipal 2nd Ground and the 2nd Tennis Courts opened.
4高齢者在宅サービスセンターみずほ開館"Mizuho" Elderly Home Service Center opened.
6西部土地区画整理事業完成Mizuho Western District Land Readjustment Project was completed.
12多摩都市モノレールが箱根ケ崎駅まで次期整備路線に決定It was decided that Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail would be extended to Hakonegasaki Station for the next development project.
5年(1993) 6瑞穂町農畜産物直売所「ふれっしゅはうす」完成Mizuho farmers' market "Fresh House" was completed.
7有線放送電話業務廃止Wire broadcast telephone service abolished.
12高齢者福祉センター「寿楽」開館"Juraku" elderly welfare center opened.
6年(1994) 4オフトーク通信(MICNETWORK)放送スタートOff-talk communication-broadcast (MICNETWORK) started.
4広報みずほA4判化The format of the Newsletter "Mizuho" was changed to A4 sheet.
10箱根ケ崎駅西土地区画整理事業都市計画決定The urbanization plan for the Hakonegasaki Station West Land Readjustment Project was decided.
11国道16号瑞穂バイパス全線開通Mizuho bypass of Route 16 fully opened.
7年(1995)1地価監視区域が解除The land transaction monitoring zone was removed.
3消防団第2分団車庫・詰所が移転The fire brigade garage and station of the No. 2 fire volunteer unit was relocated.
4旭が丘自治会誕生Asahigaoka community association was established.
4心身障害者(児)福祉センター「あゆみ」オープン"Ayumi", Mizuho welfare center for the handicapped (Children) opened.
5瑞穂町行政改革推進本部設置Mizuho Town Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters was established.
9オフトーク通信(MICNETWORK)チャンネルネーミング決まるThe name of the Off-Talk Communication Project (MICNETWORK) channel was decided.
11MXテレビ放送開始(瑞穂町随時登場)MX television broadcasting started. (Mizuho Town appeared occasionally.)
8年(1996) 1みずほ10景決まるMizuho beautiful sceneries Best 10 were decided.
3箱根ケ崎駅西土地区画整理事業が事業認可Hakonegasaki Station West Land Readjustment Project secured business approval.
3JR八高線(八王子~高麗川間)電化開業JR Hachiko Line railway was electrified (Hachioji-Komagawa).
3国道16号(高根バイパス分岐~埼玉県境)拡幅工事完成、供用開始The widening works of Route 16 were completed and commenced services (between Takane bypass fork and the border with Saitama Prefecture).
3保健センター完成Mizuho Health Center was completed.
4環境監視員による環境パトロール開始Environmental patrol started by environmental wardens.
6殿ヶ谷土地区画整理事業が事業認可Tonogaya Land Readjustment Project approved.
10国際化推進派遣事業で派遣団がオーストラリアへA delegation was dispatched to Australia under the internationalization promotion project.
10女性問題町民懇話会答申書まとまるThe report on the town resident's committee on women's issues was published.
9年(1997) 4瑞穂町第2次行政改革大綱を策定Mizuho the second administrative reform outline was drawn up.
4母子保健事業が都から町へ移管Mother and child health project was transferred from Tokyo Metropolitan government to Mizuho Town.
12あすなろ児童館等複合施設完成Combined Facilities for Asunaro Children's House, etc. were completed.
平成10年(1998) 9戸籍事務のコンピュータ化Computer processing of the family register began.
10瑞穂町ホームページがオープンMizuho Town opened an homepage on the internet.
11年(1999) 10全国瑞穂町交流会発足10周年Nation-wide Mizuho Towns exchange meeting's 10th anniversary since inauguration.
12年(2000) 1少年サッカー場オープンMunicipal Youth Soccer Field opened.
4介護保険制度始まるLong-term care insurance system started.
4町民農園オープンMizuho Residents' Farm opened.
7瑞穂町都市計画マスタープラン策定Mizuho Town Urbanization Project Master Plan was formulated.
11町制施行60周年記念誌発行Mizuho Town Establishment 60th Anniversary booklet was published.
13年(2001) 1情報公開制度始まるInformation disclosure system commenced.
4第3次長期総合計画スタートThe Third Long-term Comprehensive Plan started.
4耕心館オープンKoshinkan Hall opened.
4公立福生病院オープンMunicipal Fussa Hospital opened.
4ファミリー・サポートセンター援助活動開始Support activities of the Family Support Center commenced.
4生涯学習センターオープンLifelong Learning Center opened.
4寿楽ミニバス「ことぶき号」運行開始 Operation of Juraku minibus "Kotobuki-go"service started.
10フレッシュランド西多摩オープンFreshland Nishitama opened.
14年(2002) 1武蔵野コミュニティセンターオープンMusashino Community Center opened.
4町立小・中学校完全学校週5日制スタートMunicipal elementary and junior high schools began a full five-day school week.
8住民基本台帳ネットワークシステムスタートBasic Resident Register Network System launched.
9狭山遺跡発掘調査Excavation of Sayama prehistoric site.
10瑞穂斎場リニューアルオープンMizuho Funeral Hall was renovated.
11みずほリサイクルプラザオープンMizuho Recycle Plaza opened.
15年(2003) 3オフトーク通信事業廃止Off-Talk Communication Project terminated.
4緑の保全事業スタートGreen Conservation Project started.
8個人情報保護制度スタートPersonal Date Protection System started.
8住民基本台帳ネットワークシステム第2次サービス開始The secondary service of the Basic Resident Register Network System started.
Town office customer service counter time extended (to 19:00 on Thursday), and a trial began of the telephone reservation service.
11武蔵野地区の町名地番を変更The town area names and street lot numbers in the Musashino district changed.
11箱根ケ崎時計台の復元Restoration of Hakonegasaki Clock Tower
16年(2004) 4行政評価システムの導入Administrative evaluation system was introduced.
4木曜日の窓口時間午後8時まで延長Service counter timewas extended to 8 pm on Thursdays.
6瑞穂・横田交流協会発足Mizuho-Yokota Exchange Association launched.
8平和祈念碑完成Peace monument was completed.
9全国瑞穂町交流会解散Nation-wide Mizuho towns exchange association disbanded.
10家庭ごみ一部有料化戸別収集スタートPart-fee charges for household waste and door-to-door waste collection started.
12瑞穂町ホームページリニューアルMizuho Town's website was renewed.
17年(2005) 3箱根ケ崎駅舎及び東西自由通路落成The Hakonegasaki Station building and the east-west free pathway were completed.
4子ども家庭支援センターひばりオープンHibari children's welfare center opened.
Designated administrator system was introduced to Hakonegasaki Station parking lot for bicycles, etc. and the east-west free pathway as well as "Juraku.
4箱根ケ崎駅前交番開所Hakonegasaki Ekimae police box opened.
The consumer consultation corner was opened in the job-placement information section of Mizuho Hello Work (public employment security office).
11みずほエコパークオープンMizuho Eco Park opened.
18年(2006)2シルバーワークプラザオープンSilver Work Plaza Opened.
4第3次長期総合計画 後期基本計画スタートThe third long-term comprehensive plan and the basic plan for the second half started.
7米国モーガンヒル市との姉妹都市締結Finalization of Sister City Link with Morgan Hill City, CA, USA.
11元狭山コミュニティセンターオープンMotosayama Community Center opened.
19年(2007)4副町長制導入Deputy mayoral system introduced.
10瑞穂町生涯学習まちづくり出前講座スタートLifelong learning lectures, delivered on-demand, started as part of Mizuho Town development.
10収入役制度廃止、会計管理者を設置The treasurer system was abolished and an accounting administrator was appointed.
平成20年(2008)2国道16号瑞穂中央立体完成Mizuho Central multi-level crossing of Route 16 was completed.
3残堀川整備完成Zanbori River improvement completed.
4石畑保育園指定管理者制度導入Designated administrator system was introduced to Ishihata Nursery School.
4部制導入Department systems were introduced.
6姉妹都市委員会発足Sister Town Committee launched.
10耕心館指定管理者制度導入Designated administrator system was introduced to the Koshinkan Hall.
21年(2009)3環境基本計画 策定Basic Environmental Plan was formulated.
7メール配信サービス開始E-mail delivery service started.
11みずほ超とくとく商品券発売Mizuho Toku-Toku gift certificates were released for sale.
22年(2010)2公立福生病院新病院オープンNew Municipal Fussa Hospital opened.
3福祉バス運行開始 Welfare bus service started.
3官民協働事業による「暮らしの便利帳」発行Handbook for Convenient Life (Kurashino Benricho)" was issued under the collaboration between the municipality and the private sector.
4ふれあいセンター開館Fureai Center Hall opened.
4瑞穂町福祉作業所「さくら」開所Mizuho welfare workshop "Sakura" opened.
4第4次男女共同参画社会推進行動計画 策定The Fourth Gender-equal Society Promotion Plan was formulated.
4教育基本計画 策定Basic educational plan was formulated.
6海外留学奨学資金等支給制度 受付開始Acceptance of application for the provision of fund for study abroad started.
6みずほリサイクルプラザに太陽光パネルを設置Solar panels were installed at the Mizuho Recycle Plaza.
8八丈町立中学校と交流Interchange with Hachijo Town junior high school.
10地域包括支援センター事業を民間委託Community comprehensive support center business was entrusted to the private sector.
Mizuho Town and Yomiuri Shimbun distributors entered into an agreement on cooperation of the "Elderly monitoring support network.
11町制施行70周年記念式典Commemorative ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the town organization establishment
11名誉町民称号授与The title of honorary citizen of the town was granted.
Mizuho Town entered into an agreement with the Mizuho Construction Association on cooperation in the "Emergency Measures Activities in the Disasters."
12小・中学校の耐震補強工事完了Seismic strengthening works for elementary and junior high schools were completed.
23年(2011)2元狭山広域防災広場整備Motosayama wide-area disaster control plaza was improved.
3第2弾 みずほ超とくとく商品券発売Mizuho No. 2 Toku-Toku gift certificates were released for sale.
3第2次国際化推進計画 策定The Second Internationalization Plan was formulated.
4第4次長期総合計画スタートThe Fourth Long-term Comprehensive Plan started.
4福祉バス運行内容変更(3コース)Operations of the welfare bus service were changed. (Three routes)
4ミズホ笑夢スポーツクラブ設立Mizuho Shomu Sports Club was established.
4狭山懸橋 開通Sayama Bridge opened.
4景観基本計画 策定The Basic Landscape Plan was formulated.
4第2次地域福祉保健計画 策定The Second Regional Welfare and Health Plan was formulated.
11名誉町民称号授与The title of honorary citizen of the town was granted.
11長岡コミュニティセンターオープンNagaoka Community Center opened.